Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone.

I find that whenever The Husband and I get home from a long road trip I have this strange feeling.  The same feeling I had during the season finale of the first season of Rock of Love.  A “well what am I going to do now” feeling. A sort of empty, no more excitement feeling. An anticlimactic feeling.

I mean, can you really blame me? Since April 7th, The Husband and I have driven across the United States, not once, but TWICE! There was the trip to Oregon, which was AH MAY ZING! And then we just got home from our trip to Maryland. Which was equally awesome! Let me tell you a little bit about it.

We started at our house and drove to the home of our great friends (one of which I’ve known since elementary school) in NW Arkansas. So north-west that we walked across the street to Oklahoma one evening. I was surprised how much I loved their area. I mean it was BEAUTIFUL! Not only that, but I got to experience my first firefly! If you’ve never seen one, let me be the first to tell you that they are oh so magical and enchanting!

But we didn’t just take quick walks to Oklahoma and watch fireflies. We had some adventures too.

We walked around town and explored.

We went to an incredible used bookstore.

We went to “The Mustache Shop”, as The Friend calls it.

We got some delicious tea.

We went to a video store/tanning salon/antique store.

Oh, did I forget to mention that we ate? Well, we did! There was the homemade apple “friendship pie”.

And there was the AMAZING sandwich!!!

After a splendid weekend in NW Arkansas we hit the road. After two days in the car we made it to Maryland. We had a spare day to kill so we drove to Milton, Delaware and toured the Dogfish Head Brewery.

After the brewery tour we drove to Rehoboth Beach. We got lucky on some free parking, **, and only had to walk a mile to the beach. The walk to the beach was pretty cool. There were neat little shops along the road. People driving scooters and riding bikes. And everyone was pretty much barefooted and in swimwear.

When we got to the beach it slightly blew The Husband’s mind, as well as mine. See, we’ve only ever really been to the beaches of Oregon. You just drive along the beach, find a place to park, and walk down. Once you are on the beach, you are pretty much alone; not only that, you also have to be careful of the waves, seeing as a big one will most certainly drag you out to sea.

Rehoboth Beach was pretty much the polar opposite. “IT’S LIKE THE MOVIES!!!”, is what The Husband proclaimed upon seeing the beach. You see, you drive, or walk, toward the beach; then when you get there, it’s full of people! Like umbrellas and everything!

There were even lifeguards because people were actually swimming in the ocean!

Oh yeah, and we saw DOLPHINS!!! Real live, wild dolphins! I was speechless and probably took about a hundred photos of them!

Before we knew it, it was time. Time for what you ask? Well, it was time for the whole reason we took our trip to Maryland. It was wedding time! It was beautiful and wonderful! Our friends said “I do” with the Chesapeake Bay right behind them. We all danced under a tent. And they left on a boat. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

After The Wedding, we headed to Franklin, Massachusetts. We had a quick stop in a little town called Scranton, Pennsylvania. Ever heard of it??? We ate, shopped, and did as the characters of The Office do.

With our bellies full of pizza and a bag full of Office souvenirs we rolled into Franklin, Massachusetts where we visited with some of The Husbands family. After some great conversation we got a tour of the town, ending at the Franklin Public Library. Now this isn’t just some ordinary library. No, it’s the very first public library in the whole Untied States! The library even has books that The Good Doctor Franklin sent back when it first opened.

With Franklin in our rearview mirror, we headed for Vermont. You see, there’s something very special in a town called Waterbury. What is it you ask? Well, the main Ben and Jerry’s factory for starters! But even though we went for gourmet ice cream, we ended up finding the magic and wonder that is Vermont!

We rolled into our hotel room around dinner time. We were starved but I didn’t feel like leaving the hotel. The Husband was pretty persistent that we go explore. And I’m glad he was!

We walked around and found a restaurant called The Skinny Pancake. Seeing as I was grouchy with the hunger pains, I naturally assumed that a breakfast joint and started getting moody, whining that I didn’t want breakfast for dinner (just as a clarification, given the option, about 99% of the time I will gladly have breakfast for dinner). Turns out, I was wrong. It wasn’t breakfast for dinner at all! IT WAS CREPES!!! DINNER CREPES!!! They were amazing! And for the record, I got one with apples, brie, and cranberry chutney.

While in Vermont we had heard of a little thing called “maple creamies”. What’s a maple creamie? Well I had the same reaction, thinking it must be a cookie or pastry of some kind. Well, I was wrong on both guesses. Maple creamies are, essentially, maple soft serve ice cream. We went to Bragg Farm for our maple creamie, on the suggestion of some locals, and we hit in the face with more than just creamy maple ice cream. No, it was EVERYTHING MAPLE! Even free samples of the different grades of maple syrup!

With our bellies full of crepes and creamies, we went to bed. We woke the next morning, and we most certainly couldn’t go to the Ben and Jerry’s factory on an empty stomach! Cold Hollow Cider Mill was yet another place recommended to The Husband and I. And like all the other places we visited while in Vermont, it was more than expected. It wasn’t just a cider mill where you can get free samples of cider. No, it also had honey, different kinds of jams and jellies, maple syrup (of course), and something we were told was a must! CIDER DOUGHNUTS! Yeah, that’s right, doughnuts made with apples cider! Blowing your mind? Just imagine if you had tried one, cause they were AWESOME!

As good as the doughnuts were, I couldn’t eat more than a few bites. I felt like I was meeting Santa, Paul McCartney, Ed Helms, and Hello Kitty for dinner. The anticipation of going to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory that Charlie was feeling is probably half of what I was feeling. I was going to ice cream heaven and I couldn’t have been happier!

The tour was super cool!  Although I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the actual production of the ice cream, I hope that you’ll take my word on the fact that it was super interesting! So much science goes into ensuring every pint gets the proper swirl and chunk amount and distribution. Oh, and after the tour, everyone got some free ice cream (Steven Colbert’s Americone Dream was that flavor of the day if you were wondering)!

After falling in love with Vermont, it was time to leave. But you know we left in style! That’s right, we took a ferry!

With just a few days left before having to be home, we had to make the most of it. And since we didn’t know the next time we’d be in the North East, we had to make a pit stop. Where? Well, Niagara Falls. It was amazing and anxiety inducing at the same time. We got there so late in the evening that we figured that it would be empty. Boy, were we wrong! But once we saw The Falls, it was worth it. They were aww inducing!

We made it to Ohio that night and headed for Columbia, Missouri the next day, to yet another friends house. Although our stay in Missouri was short, it was eventful. We had an amazing dinner, which involved extensive discussion about a possible “chokes and cheese” restaurant. A late night walk to the grocery store where I fell in love with balloon animals. And we discovered that gas stations in Missouri have TV’s!!!

Seeing as Missouri was our last stop, it was time to head back to Texoma. It was heartbreaking when the farther toward home we got, the hotter it got. And I’ll be honest, it has been strange being back. It isn’t like when we got back from our trip to Oregon; when we knew that our next adventure was just around the corner. No, my friends, we have been thrown back into the harsh realities of life. But, hey, we’ll always have the memories!


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