Are you there, Winter? It’s me, Rachel.

Growing up in Oregon, Spring was probably my favorite season. The flowers start blooming. The air becomes an extra level of crisp. Coats are no longer needed, however, scarves (my favorite accessory) are still welcome. But maybe my favorite part is the grass. It is extra green. It almost glows. When you drive on I-5, as boring as that drive is, there’s a certain level of beauty in the grass and wheat fields you pass by.

Texas is a different story. I would say hands down, without hesitation, winter rocks my Texas socks off. However, I feel like there are only two weeks of it here. So if you’re wondering, the year goes, 2 weeks of winter, and then 50 weeks of summer. Two months ago, in February, we had snow. SNOW! The real stuff! White and everything.

There was even ice, LOTS of ice to go along with the snow.

The day before the storm, The Husband and I actually needed to go to the store. It was our grocery day. However, everyone else in town thought that they would be snowed in and this is what the grocery store we go to looked like. And yes, we did stand in line for about 30 minutes. Oh, and NO, the cart in the bottom, right hand, corner of the screen is NOT ours.

Well, that was February; Summer’s here to stay for a while I guess. Sunday, it was 96°F. Yes, you read that right. NINETY-SIX DEGREES FAHRENHEIT!!! It was so hot, we had to bust out the kiddie pool for the boys. It went from being full of water, to being full of mud, thanks to our yard that is mostly dirt at the moment.

So since apparently it’s summer here, I’ve had berries on the mind. Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, snozberries, oh, I think I’m going into fictional berries. Anyway, berries are summer! I have found memories of picking as many blackberries as I could, eating half and then having my mom bake something delicious with the other half. Blackberries are a weed back in Oregon. People try to kill it. I think that’s why I feel so wrong buying blackberries. I feel that they should be free, cause growing up, they always were.

Now, even though I’ve been having cupcakes coming out my ears lately, I couldn’t help but make more. And because I have berries on the brain I made raspberry cupcakes with a lemon tart frosting.

The recipe calls for two cartons of raspberries, one gets pureed and the other gets “coarsely chopped”.

I had read in the reviews of the recipe for this cupcake that it may make more than just the two dozen that the recipe calls for. I thought that the person just didn’t fill their tins very well. Well when I started mixing the batter, I started to think that the reviewer might be right.

After the batter gets mixed fully, you fold both the pureed and chopped berries into the batter. What you end up with is a swirly, beautiful, purpley batter.

After I filled my first two dozen cakes, I totally had batter left. As it turns out, I had enough batter for an extra dozen cakes!

I had so many cupcakes that I ended up giving a bunch away.

Other than being on a berry binge, I’ve recently become obsessed with these Mexican Sodas. They are SO GOOD, and there’s nothing too bad in them (no high fructose corn syrup but still food dye). We don’t get them too often, so when we do it’s as much of a treat as a cupcake. The Husband thought that they would be tasty with these little fruity cupcakes. We had a friend over for dinner so that’s why there’s an extra soda. And incase you’re wondering, Fresa (strawberry) is my favorite!

I loved these cakes! The lemon frosting is indeed tart, but I think it’s a great change from the super sweet frosting. The cakes are great, I think if I made them again, I would half the recipe but keep the two packs of raspberries. I think it could be even more berry-rific, but I like my berries!

Even though I’m a cold weather girl at heart, I’m learning to appreciate the beauty in summer. BBQ salmon, puppies playing in the pool, blasting the A/C. All these things are great, but berries will always be top of the list… BBQ salmon is a very close second.

2 Responses to “Are you there, Winter? It’s me, Rachel.”
  1. faith says:

    Oh I love jarritos.
    raspberry cupcakes sound right up my alley too!

    • I just want to know how I went so long without knowing about Jarritos??? I mean, why wasn’t this the soda at birthday parties as a kid? And why did I have to move to Texas before discovering them? All questions that probably don’t have answers.

      Oh, if you intend on making these cupcakes, half the recipe but keep the 2 cartons of berries. I was left wanting more berry.

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