And so it begins…

So here it is. I’ve been toying with this whole blogging thing for quite some time. I mean, there are SO many blogs out there that: A) haven’t been touched in practically years, or B) have nothing interesting to say. So what would make me interesting, or even keep this up for more than a few months? Well, there’s really no promise to that question. However, I plan on using this blog as a sort of “love letter” to my distant homeland.

I was born, raised and then went to college all within about a 100 mile radius in Oregon (What What 503/541!!!!). I remember growing up loathing it. I mean why would people really live in a place like Salem, Oregon?  After college I got married and about a week later moved. It was like George Bailey finally left Bedord Falls (side-note, I hate that movie!).

Salem Oregon

Well, turns out there are a few places worse than Salem, Oregon. Alamogordo, New Mexico is one of those places. If you’ve heard of it then you know what I’m talking about; if you haven’t heard of it, let’s put it this way, the town just got an IHOP about a month ago. Thankfully about 6 months after moving to New Mexico we moved to Maryland.

Alamogordo New Mexico

Maryland was great! Not only did we get to visit amazing places like Pittsburgh, Philidephia, Washington D.C., and New York City, but the general feel was a lot more like home. It was like Oregon, but with more snow. It was remarkable to me how some place so far from where I grew up could feel so much like home. Sadly, about 6 months after moving to Maryland, we had to move yet again, this time… to Texas.

Chesapeake Bay

Living in Texas has been strange. We’re going on 9 months living here, so that means we’ve got 3 years, 3 months left (not that anyone’s counting)! I’ve found that Texas is like a strange alternate universe to my Oregonian mind. It’s like Superman’s Bizarro World. The sun is always out, which I’ve also found out, can make someone who’s used to cloud cover, kind of depressed. The winter is so dry that everything just dies; which to someone who is used to giant evergreen trees, can also be slightly depressing. You don’t find any restaurants catering to the vegetarian much less the vegan. Going on a “hike” means you walk under countless overpasses. People drive big trucks, yet don’t take the time to learn how to park them. Ads on TV include “located behind the Church’s Chicken”. What’s a girl to do?!

Wichita Falls Texas

The answer: BAKE! I’ve found that baking can lead to great happiness. Something as simple as a fresh loaf of bread, to something as delicate as a cupcake, can take you to a place that feels like home. I find that baking is my way of showing my distant homeland how much I miss it; but really how much I love it.

So let me take you on this journey with me. A delicious, delicious journey!

Winter Cupcakes


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