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    I'm an Oregonian who's been relocated to North Texas, or as they call it here, "Texoma". I'm learning to love little things about this strange, new land. And I'm finding the happiness that can only come from baking. I hope you enjoy my, sometimes miss, adventures.
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Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone.

I find that whenever The Husband and I get home from a long road trip I have this strange feeling.  The same feeling I had during the season finale of the first season of Rock of Love.  A “well what am I going to do now” feeling. A sort of empty, no more excitement feeling. An anticlimactic … Continue reading

Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot.

It’s hot here in Texas. Like actually hot. Like, I don’t think you understand how hot I’m talking about. Let me break it down for you guys. The seven-day forecast, yeah it’s all between 98°F and 100°F. But that’s nothing! Last Saturday it was 108°F. Yeah, I know right? Now, The Old Rachel, she would … Continue reading

Smoking in the Boys Room.

Most people who know me personally know that I’m not a big meat-eater. I stopped eating “four-legged animals” when I was a sophomore in high school. I was forced to dissect a fetal pig, felt bad, and vowed to not eat pigs again. Cows were saved because they’re just so darn cute! Since being married, … Continue reading

I’ve Been to the Other Side.

About one week ago The Husband and I were pulling into our driveway, weathered, hungry, and sad. Why? Well we had just returned from one of the best months of our lives. We had made the journey from North Texas to the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Then from Oregon, we traveled all the way to … Continue reading

Mamma I’m Coming Home…

So, it’s offical. After almost TWO WHOLE YEARS of being away from the great state of Oregon, The Husband and I are GOING HOME! When you ask? Well, tomorrow! We’re going to be there for a month. Yes, A MONTH! It was 100°F here in North Texas yesterday, so going back to cold rain just … Continue reading

Are you there, Winter? It’s me, Rachel.

Growing up in Oregon, Spring was probably my favorite season. The flowers start blooming. The air becomes an extra level of crisp. Coats are no longer needed, however, scarves (my favorite accessory) are still welcome. But maybe my favorite part is the grass. It is extra green. It almost glows. When you drive on I-5, … Continue reading

What’s An “Up Dog”?

I love my dogs. I know some people say their dogs are “like their kids” but my dogs ARE my kids. I couldn’t see my life without a fancy little Westie, McCartney, and a big, goofy Golden, O’Brien. Like their mom, they love to be in the kitchen. Whether it’s generally being in the way. … Continue reading

Hot Mess…

A friend and I recently threw a baby shower. My friend was in charge of decorations, and I was in charge of food. Naturally, bread was going to have to be served! After nailing out the menu, we both decided that Basic Country White, Cheddar Cheese, and Walnut-Cranberry loaves would work the best. And for … Continue reading

Mean Green Fightin’ Machine…

Something strange happened when The Husband and I moved to Texas. We pretty much forgot about all major drinking holidays. GASP! And seeing as today is the king of all drinking holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, and we didn’t remember about it until about Tuesday, we didn’t have a drop to drink. Well, and The Husband … Continue reading

Head Cheese…

One of my favorite quotes isn’t from someone famous, although as of late I’m rather found of “WINNING” (thank you Mr. Sheen for going off the deep end). It’s not from some indie rock group. It’s not from way back when. It is from my freshman year of college. I was sitting in my Basic … Continue reading